Mikko Hakala


University Lecturer

+358 (0)2941 50625
Visiting address
Office B227, Physicum
Kumpula Science Campus
Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2
00560 Helsinki
Post address
Department of Physics
P.O.Box 64
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
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Research interests

Condensed matter physics and materials science form the basis for understanding the properties of known and new materials starting from their microscopic structure. My research field is computational electronic structure of matter and X-ray scattering spectroscopy. I lead the computational research activities in the HELIXS group.

We employ theoretical models for extended (crystals, liquids, amorphous systems) or nanoscale (atoms, molecules, clusters, nanostructures) matter. The radiation-matter interaction is calculated to correspond to the X-ray scattering experiment in question. The results give information, in many cases unique, on the static and dynamic (time-dependent) properties of matter. An example of a static structural property is the short-range instantaneous geometry of a liquid, whereas excitations in electronic systems are examples of dynamic properties. They determine, for example, the energy loss mechanisms in solids, or what happens to optically active molecules.

The computational activities of the group are experiment- and problem-driven as they are applied to modern materials (thin-film and dye-sensitized 3rd generation solar cell materials, energy and superconducting materials) and to challenging physico-chemical phenomena (structure of aerosol particles or resonant X-ray excitation in molecular systems). As computational tools, we use various types of methods from band structure calculations to multiple-scattering calculations, and from quantum chemistry approaches to atomic multiplet methods.

I lecture solid-state, materials and condensed matter physics courses. I am also interested in the pedagogical aspects of teaching and communicating physics research to a broader audience.

I coordinate the Materials and Nanophysics specialization line (MSc degree) at University of Helsinki.

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