Materials science is a research topic with utmost importance to the global society. All macroscopic and microscopic properties of materials depend on the details of their electronic structure. Examples are numerous: material properties related to energy transfer and storage, origins of superconductivity in novel materials, factors determining the photovoltaic efficiencies in new solar cells, precise geometries of aerosol particles.

Our group is involved in several ongoing Academy of Finland projects:

  • Advanced materials studied by novel hard x-ray methods
  • In situ spectroscopic and imaging studies of hierarchical structures using synchrotron radiation
  • Computational methods for x-ray research on advanced materials
  • Quantum simulations of molecular optical properties in the condensed phase

We use advanced X-ray spectroscopy methods and electronic structure calculations to study the microscopic properties of matter. We work in close collaboration with synchrotron radiation laboratories worldwide.


Here is a link to HELIXS research topics for detailed information, and a link to a list of our publications.

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